Open Call oktober 2021

    TOASTER is a collaboration between Husets Teater and Den Frie Centre of Contemporary Art in Copenhagen. Each year, TOASTER curates a program comprising companies and stage artists from Denmark and abroad that experiment with formats and contribute to the development of the performing arts.

    TOASTER is both a home and a driving force for art at the crossroads of theater, performance and the visual arts, where artists have great artistic freedom in the realization of their works.

    TOASTER is looking for artist groups based in Denmark for a development process and co-production at Husets Teater and Den Frie Udstillingsbygning.

    If you apply as a solo artist you will need to document your artistic practice within performing arts, produced or co-produced in your own name.

    Specifications for Husets Teater:

    We are looking for a company, collective or group of performance artists with experience in creating performances together for theatre.

    We are looking for a group with a grounded artistic practice and a performance idea for Husets Teater’s Sort Sal (main hall).

    We prioritise groups with experience with theatre as performance space and performance as an artform. We are looking for ideas that can fill out Sort Sal for four weeks.

    The language in the performance should primarily be in Danish.

    TOASTER aims for a co-production in the 23/24 season if the project gains enough funding.

    Specifications for Den Frie Udstillingsbygning:

    We are looking for a group, company or artist(s) where performance- and visual arts meet in a performative turn.

    We prioritise groups/artists with experience in performance and exhibits who can fill Minus 2 in a longer period up to 10 weeks (including setup).

    TOASTER aims for a co-production in the spring of 2023, if the project gains enough funding.

    TOASTER offers:

    • Development workshop.
    • Dramaturgical collaboration and guidance.
    • Collaborative administration and fundraising.
    • A co-production grant
    • Performancespace and PR

    The application must contain:

    • Max 1 page project description with one or more performance ideas.
    • Max 1 page description of your collaboration, methods and artistic interests including a short blurb of each member.
    • Documentation (videos or photos) of previous exhibits/performances.
    • Information om evt. samarbejdspartnere, co-producenter og finansiel støtte. Dette er intet krav.
    • Information about any partners, co-productions and financial support. Note that this is not a requirement to have.

    We select 3-6 applicants and invite them for an interview in November 2021.


    PDF floor plan with photos and measurements of Husets Teater, Black box  and Den Frie Centre of Contemporary Art, Minus 2. (Download)


    Application deadline: October 29, 2021 at 23.59 (CET) 

    Response to application: Latest end of November, 2021

    Curators: Liv Helm (Stage Director and Artistic Director), Miriam Frandsen (Dramaturge and Curator), Dina Vester Feilberg (Artistic Director and Curator)

    Who can apply: Only professionals who primarily work within performance and/or visual arts can apply.

    We encourage national performing arts companies and artists from the independent field in Denmark to apply.

    For questions, please contact the Curator and Creative Producer via e-mail:

    Note: Only professionals who primarily work within performance and/or visual arts can apply.

    About TOASTER’s companies and artists:

    TOASTER wishes to support companies and groups who are developing their artistic practice and present them for a broader audience. Current parterns at TOASTER include: The Other Eye of The Tiger (TOETT), DANSEatelier, Institute of Interconnected Realities, Hestnes/Popovic and LOGEN.