Project managers

Louise Beck, Lukas Lund  




Den Frie, Salene


9/1 2023


Panel discussion

SHOUT #2: The New Narrative



SHOUT originated from the development program TRAVERS, which over three years expanded and strengthened the interdisciplinary art field through workshops and working meetings across borders and disciplines. SHOUT runs over two years and focuses on the CLIMATE FIGHT. The course examines how art and activism can jointly rethink and develop new action strategies and forms of action that lead to ground-breaking changes in our society. The first workshop at Den Frie Udstillingsbygning on the 6th of June 2022 examined how activist actions can influence artistic formats.

At the second round of SHOUT, at Den Frie Udstillingsbygning on the 9th of January at 16-18, we discuss which new narratives the climate fight needs in order to reach out more widely and make a difference. As a proposal for a joint debate, we have put together a team of artists, academics and mediators, who each come up with their own take on the new narrative, which is then discussed and further developed by the participants.


15:45: Arrival at Den Frie

16:00-18:00: Active panel discussion in two phases.


Invited panelists:

Playwright Alexandra Moltke

Film director Phie Ambo

Sociologist Nikolaj Schultz

Program responsible at Tuborgfondet Mathias Findalen


With Zetland Editor-in-Chief Ida Ebbensgaard as moderator.


It is free to participate and everyone is welcome. Required registration via no later than 04/01/2023.


Project managers

Louise Beck, Lukas Lund