TOASTER is a collaboration between Husets Teater and Den Frie Centre of Contemporary Art in Copenhagen. Each year, TOASTER curates a program comprising companies and stage artists from Denmark and abroad that experiment with formats and contribute to the development of the performing arts.

TOASTER is both a home and a driving force for art at the crossroads of theater, performance and the visual arts, where artists have great artistic freedom in the realization of their works.

TOASTER promotes increased internationalization by re-establishing Copenhagen as part of a flow of international guest performances and networking between self-producing groups, collaborative scenes and art institutions abroad.


Miriam Frandsen
(Curator, dramaturgist and project manager)
+45 21865184

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Partners and sponsors:

TOASTER is supported by the Danish Arts Agency with a four-year grant from 2021 to 2025.

Toaster Spaces:

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Artistic development collaboration:

At TOASTER, we believe that the performing arts are changed and developed by those who work with them, and our ambition is to create a space where performing artists can interact and collaborate as colleagues.

TOASTER will increase the presence and improve the quality of self-producing groups by supporting them in their development and production processes, so that together we can create conditions that are more conducive to the thriving of performing arts companies in Denmark. Through these dedicated efforts, we will contribute to the development of the industry – artistically and production-wise – for the benefit of audiences and other performing arts venues.

Audiences are invited into the work space with Husets Teater’s “Salons”. The Red Salon will host performances of works in progress, experiments and talks that invite and inspire new perspectives on our performances, artistic working methods and the public conversation.

As part of a special initiative to support these efforts and aims, Toaster has invited the following companies to participate in extended partnerships with Husets Teater and Den Frie Centre of Contemporary Art:


The interdisciplinary artistic collective LOGEN [THE LODGE] was founded in 2014 and consists of set designer Nathalie Melbye (NO), dancer/choreographer Sofia Karlsson (SE), actor Patrick Baurichter (DK/DE) and director Anja Behrens (DE). With the two experimental works, Historien om Øjet [History of the Eye] and DEATH TO TRUTH OF BEAUTY, they have established themselves in Denmark’s performing arts scene through their exploration and innovation of the collective process, the classic production process, and the intimate ritual encounter with the audience.

LOGEN aims to move audiences viscerally with off-kilter reflections from an expressive and surrealistic universe at the crossroads of transcendent moments and reflective contemporary critique. LOGEN focuses on the importance of the sacred, the imperfect, the collective, devotion and generosity as core values they seek to promote in our time. This focus takes form in the collective’s passion for pushing the envelope of their own abilities: physically, personally and artistically. Their work embodies a continuous search for the outer limits of human consciousness and subconsciousness. LOGEN strives to create a liberated space for the audience that offers all individuals the experience of being seen and heard, regardless of their imperfections and inadequacies.  LOGEN rarely peers through rose-colored glasses, seeking instead to fully grasp the entirety of humanity and life, examining all of its facets without reservation or denouncement.


The Other Eye of The Tiger is an artist collective, where the 6 core members are working collaboratively on the concept, direction and performance of our work. The collective is conceptualizing together but all come from different fields of the performing arts. In our work we strive to start with different parameters which we desire to maximize in every instance of what we produce. As a group we invite other artists, performers and technicians to collaborate on projects to help us reach higher than we would on our own. In our effort to seek and bend the boundaries of performing arts we hope to break new ground, create new possibilities and re-invent theatre as an art-form. Originating from 3 nationalities, the 6 members in the collective graduated together from the Danish National School of Performing arts in 2016.


Hestnes / Popović consists of the Danish scenographer Freya Sif Hestnes and the Norwegian-Bosnian actress Marina Popović.

In our work we examine the narratives that take part in our collective history writing and how we can critically examine the marginal, the overlooked, the archived and the forgotten. 

Through documentary material and sensorial composition, we take a closer look at our memories – both the personal and the collective. Commemoration, oral tradition and the bodys’ ability to understand the individual’s place in historic events, are explored through spatial concepts and dramatic text. Our interdisciplinary work draws from theater, performance art, choreography, visual arts and academia.

Marina Popović and Freya Sif Hestnes both graduated from the Norwegian Theatre Academy in 2016. Hestnes also has a background as a visual artist and photographer from Valand Academy in Gothenburg, while Popović holds an MA in European Studies / Cultural Memory Studies from NTNU in Trondheim. The duo, based in Copenhagen and Oslo, has produced two full length performances in Norway and has since 2016 done extensive international touring.

Institute of Interconnected Realities

Foto: Jeffrey Scott Stratton & Rune Svenningsen

Institute of Interconnected Realities (IIR) is an artistic platform for production, research, and curation that is modelled on the concept of decentralized choreography. It was founded in 2020 by the choreographers Ida-Elisabeth Larsen, Marie-Louise Stentebjerg (two-women-machine-show), and the text writer and actor Jonathan Bonnici. The three act as the joint artistic directors of the institute whilst also taking more specialized roles in the various artistic outputs of the institute. The core of IIR is the trio’s shared research and the multiple strands of interdisciplinary artistic output it gives rise to. The proposal of the IIR is to act as a responsive organ that supports the various unplanned artistic expressions that appear in the research and production process, expressions that might otherwise be discarded. In supporting these unpredictable artistic offshoots new thinking, formats, and productions come into being. 


DANSEatelier is a place and a group of 11 colleagues, dancers and friends working in the field of dance in Copenhagen, as well as internationally. The initiative origins from a need for continuity, a space for sharing of knowledge, as well as social and artistic support – to stand together in our relationship with dance, dancing and choreography. A large part of our work consists of finding ways for how to deal with the ‘thought-action’ of rhizomatic structuring and multiple hierarchies. By insisting on togetherness and taking time, we want to take steps away from individualization and loneliness, whether it is through hosting, sharing or making work. It is an ongoing organizational and creative research in collectivity, morphing with time and needs.

daneatelier consists of Sandra Liaklev Andersen, Ingvild Bertelsen, Marlene Bonnesen, Isolde Daun, Stine Frandsen, Meleat Fredriksson, Emilia Gasiorek, Snorre Jeppe Hansen, Nanna Stigsdatter Mathiassen, Olivia Riviere and Karis Zidore.