Theatre, Performance and Visual Art

TOASTER is a collaboration between Husets Teater and Den Frie Centre of Contemporary Art in Copenhagen who curates an annual programme with national and international performing arts companies and performing artists from Denmark and abroad who experiment with the formats of the performing arts and contribute to the development of the performing arts.

TOASTER is a home and a motivating force for the field between theatre, performance and visual art where artists encounter great artistic freedom and expertise within realisation.

TOASTER generates an increased cultural internationalisation by reestablishing Copenhagen in a flow of international touring performances and networking across self-producing groups in the independent performing arts sector, collaborations between national and international performing arts venues as well as art institutions abroad.

TOASTER is supported by The Danish Arts Foundation with a four-year grant from 2021-2025.

Husets Teater
Halmtorvet 9, DK-1700 Copenhagen

Den Frie Udstillingsbygning
Oslo Plads 1, DK-2100 Copenhagen Ø


Miriam Frandsen

(Curator, Dramaturge and project manager)
+45 21865184

Sophia Krowicki
(Intern and Student at Malmö Teaterhögskolan)

Sæson 21/22

02-04.09, 2021 Copenhagen waterways

The Performance Agency – Another Map to Nevada

27.09-17.10, 2021 Den Frie

Danseatelier – Triptykon #1

30.10,  2021 Husets Teater  HUSSPEKTAKEL

LOGEN. Salon # 1

28-31.10, 2021 Site Specific HUSSPEKTAKEL

GASTSTUBE° (Fleischlin / Galeazzi / Liebmann) (CH) –  Home Made Climate Conference

01.11-06.11, 2021 Husets Teater

Institute of Interconnected Realities

05.11, 2021 Husets Teater

TOETT. Salon #2

05-06.11, 2021 Husets Teater

Simo Kellokumpu & Vincent Roumagnac – RI:VR

06.11, 2021 Husets Teater/Den Frie/UP

SYMPOSION – Theatre, Performance and Visual Arts

12.11, 2021 Husets Teater

Hestnes/Popovic. Salon #3

10-23.11, 2021 Husets Teater

Glargaard & Søe – The Googler

27.11- 05.12, 2021 Husets Teater

Böcher & Helm – Messias Tonight

01-06.02, 2022 Den Frie

Danseatelier – Triptykon #2

02. 05- 03.06,  2022Husets Teater

Astrup og Bordorff – Story of O

09-11.06, 2022 Husets Teater

Touring performance

06-11.06, 2022 Husets Teater

Institute of Interconnected Realities

07-12.06, 2022 Den Frie

Danseatelier – Triptykon #3

14.06–21.08, 2022 Den Frie

Minus 2 (Open Call)