Den Frie Udstillingsbygning, Pegasus


13/4 2023, at 17.00-19.00


Artist Talk

Humans, Machines & Memories

Curated by

Tina Ryoon Andersen from The Algoritmic Theatre

Artist talk about the interaction between art and technology

We’ll put the spotlight on art and technology at a thought-provoking event at Den Frie Centre of Contemporary Art. Based on Labyss, we will ask how technological potentials can be released by art and how artistic visions can be released by technology. You can meet the artists behind Labyss, Kristian Byskov and Kristian Husted, who will introduce their thoughts behind- and work with Labyss. You can also meet the technical manager at KasparAI, Esbern Torgard Kaspersen, who will give a short intro to artificial intelligence and introduce the Labyss software. In conclusion, Associate Professor Nanna Bonde Thylstrup will talk about her latest research into data loss, thereby introducing new perspectives on technology and memory. Along the way, we will ask questions and thereby invite participants in the event to contribute to the conversation and reflect on the potentials, challenges and dilemmas of Labyss.

Program 17.00-19.00

– Artist Talk w. Kristian Husted and Kristian Byskov
– Introduction to artificial intelligence and the Labyss software v. Esbern Torgard Kaspersen
– Conversation on data loss and the everyday challenges and opportunities w. Nanna Bonde Thylstrup
– Reflections and conversations with participants take place along the way

The program is developed and moderated by Tina Ryoon Andersen, curator at The Algorithmic Theatre.
Produced by TOASTER in collaboration with Den Frie Centre of Contemporary Art

The artist talk is free and will be in Danish

You can buy dinner and continue the conversation in the cafe afterwards.
Cafe Pegasus is open until 21:00.
Dish of the Day costs DKK 85.

If you want to experience Labyss before the event, you can book an appointment here.
You can also book an appointment for 19:00 and 20:00 on the day.


Kristian Byskov: Labyss idea, concept, staging and text. Kristian is a visual artist MFA, who works with drama, performing arts and as a writer – most recently he has written the science-fiction novel ‘Græsset’ (Ovo Press, 2020). Kristian’s works is often focused on that which binds the social, ecosystemic, and historical conditions of places together.

Kristian Husted: Labyss idea, concept, staging and text. Kristian is a writer and stage director. He has most recently written the performance Homo Økonomikus, and has previously published the documentary novel ‘Vahid’, which simultaneously was a piece of activist theater and investigative journalism with the European asylum system as its scene.

Nanna Bonde Thylstrup: Associate Professor in Communication and Digital Media at CBS. Her research focuses on politics and ethics within data and machine learning and the interaction between digital development and cultural, social and political changes. In 2022, she received a five-year grant from the European Research Council with which she will explore and find new ways to understand data loss.

Esbern Torgard Kaspersen: Machine learning engineer and media expert from AAU who specializes in creating innovative AI solutions for creative industries. As technical manager at KasparAI, he has developed AI tools that support film and TV productions and has gained a deep understanding of how AI can be integrated into creative collaboration. (bio, written in collaboration with GPT-4)

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