Husets Teater


16/11 2021


Artist talk

Salon about Googleren

Presented with Dramatikkens Hus

Julie Glargaard and Mads Rømer Brolin-Tani

Free entrance

Toaster and Dramatikkens Hus offer a half-hour artist talk with the creators of the critically acclaimed performance Googleren. From the stage, director Petrea Søe and playwright Julie Glargaard talk about the joint artistic and practical legwork that has brought the show back to life.

In Googleren, the audience meets Mads, who is employed as the internet’s garbage man. The performance asks questions about who is responsible for the evil on the internet and what consequences it has for those who have to clean it up. And what can we do ourselves?

Julie and Mads talk about how to work with a theme that is both violent and real and how the audience reacts when you try to cheat them. Stay for a psychological debrief after the performance and get answers to your questions . If you dare. Dramatikkens Hus moderates the conversation.