Husets Teater, rød sal


8/11-19/11 2022


Performative salon

Kabaret Monstrum


You are waiting to enter through the door. Two figures come waddling. One is hump-backed and dressed in a Snow White dress and a disfigured zombie mask. The other is a tall, clumsy creature, wearing a meat suit, the head is made up of plumbing items, taped together with hair and plaster.

They welcome you in an incomprehensible language with growling sounds. You will be asked to read out a manifesto. It says that human supremacy is coming to an end, and that the monstrous will pave the way for a new era. The bizarre and occult will reign over the rational. The door opens.

In a number of performative salons, the artist collective LOGEN, with the help from invited artists, experts and thinkers, will fearlessly face the monsters of the past, present and future.

The performance includes a dinner.