Deadline June 1

Open call: After the party

Toaster & SHOUT in collaboration with Greenpeace & Sort/Hvid

Toaster and SHOUT, in collaboration with Greenpeace and Sort/Hvid, are seeking original ideas for groundbreaking actions that blend art and activism in a collective call to stop the mess. The theme of the action is “After the Party,” and it should be developed in a cross-disciplinary format for the public space. The theme is open to interpretation, but is based on factual knowledge about the state of nature, which should be reflected in the action.

Read more about the theme and focus areas here >> AFTER THE PARTY – NARRATIVE

The deadline for the Open Call is June 1, 2023.

Who can apply:

Professional artists and art institutions from all art forms in collaboration with environmental organizations and organized activists in all forms. We emphasize cultural diversity, welcome all minorities, and encourage cross-genre collaborations across age, culture, gender identity, and social status. We welcome applications from individuals, groups, ensembles, bands, companies, associations, and other forms of organizations, assemblies, and institutions in Denmark.

What we aim to support:

We support ideas that promote how to live without environmental destruction, overconsumption, and human contempt. Ideas that tell us who we are when more of the same is no longer a viable option. Ideas that challenge the mindset of society and point to the structural barriers that stand in the way of our survival. Ideas that demonstrate how art can truly address the challenges of our time, so we can move away from treating symptoms and start dealing with the root causes of the current crises that threaten the future of our planet.

We support art activist actions that hit the sweet spot by being:

  • Focused and targeted towards achieving the greatest possible impact without breaking the law
  • Conceptually strong, radical, utopian, unpredictable, beautiful, courageous and ambitious projects, carried by music and presenting a proposal for how artistic and activist action can merge into an entirely new format
  • Thoughtful, strategic projects that are not afraid to use unconventional methods to challenge power structures in Denmark and initiate a popular movement
  • Collaborative and network-building with ideas for wide-ranging partnerships and a clear mobilization plan
  • Realistic in planning and execution
  • Based on sustainable working methods and production

Other considerations:

  • The project must take place in Denmark and involve the country’s citizens
  • The project must involve young people
  • The participants must be willing to participate in Greenpeace’s nonviolent direct action (NVDA) training program as part of the project’s development phase.

What should the application include:

  • Short pitch (max 250 characters in the form)
  • Elaborate action description and organization (max 2000 characters)
  • Brief CV of the main people involved in the action (maximum 1 page)
  • List of collaborators

Application process:

June 1: Deadline for applications
June 5th: Response to applications. Three ideas will be selected for a sharpening process
June 19th: Mandatory meeting with the advisory panel where the ideas will be analyzed and a plan for further development will be established.
August 6th: The three selected ideas must  participate in the theoretical part of the Greenpeace training program.
August 23th: Another mandatory meeting will be held with the selected ideas, where the budget and a clear framework for the action will be presented. Based on this meeting, the strongest idea will be chosen.
September 1-3: The project leader of the selected idea must  participate in a practical training program with Greenpeace in Stockholm.
Starting January 2024: The action takes place
End of January: Evaluation and further planning.


There is a contribution of 50,000 DKK (approximately 8,400 USD) for each of the three selected ideas. This amount is intended for remuneration of the participants and to cover expenses related to their sharpening process. Each idea sets up an action plan for their development process, and based on this, a contract is entered into with SHOUT. The ideas are self-organized.

After the selection of the strongest idea, a preparation process is organized, and the idea is offered a minimum budget of 150,000 DKK (approximately 25,200 USD).

Additional support for the selected three ideas:

  • SHOUT, Toaster, Greenpeace, and Sort/Hvid will form an advisory panel that will help strengthen and test the selected three ideas.
  • After the selection of the final idea, the advisory panel can be involved as needed in the preparation of the action.
  • After the selection of the final idea, a plan for launch and media handling will be developed.

If applicants have questions:

Prior to the application deadline, there is an opportunity for written dialogue by sending an email to info@toastercph.dk with short and precise questions. All emails will be answered on May 17th. After this date, there will be no opportunity for answers.