Language: Danish

Developed by

Thomas Hwan, Lea Burrows and Karen Hal Hermansen


Den Frie


14/9 + 2/11 2023


Discussion dinners

How to put your money in a tax shelter


Sir Grand Lear and Thomas Hwan

In connection with the development of the course; How to put your money in a tax shelter, Sir Grand Lear and Thomas Hwan will hold two workshops in the autumn of 2023 at the Den Frie. The purpose is to gather knowledge about how even “ordinary” people can achieve the lowest possible tax rate by exploiting gray areas in the legislation to place their money in a tax shelter. A privilege that has so far been reserved for the small part of the population with the greatest wealth.

In Denmark, each year approx. 6.5 billion kroner ends up in a tax shelter. This roughly corresponds to 10% of our total corporation tax – or to the annual operation of 125 primary schools. 9 out of 10 Danes still say that they are happy to pay their taxes. But when we don’t rebel against a structural problem that has such a big impact on our lives, is it because we deep down understands those who choose tax shelters?

As a race, humans have won the evolutionary race over the last million years. Among our most prominent abilities can be mentioned that we know how to make room for the strong individuals in the pack. Those who lead us over the ice to the green lands. Those who create a profit for the benefit of us all. Seen in that light, is tax sheltering an evolutionary strategy?

In connection with the two workshops, two discussion dinners will be held for invited participants on 14 September and 26 October at 19.00.

If you have special knowledge about tax matters, a specific case that deals with tax shelters or are simply interested in the subject, you are welcome to contact coordinator Karen Hal Hermansen at, about a possible space for the discussion dinner.

Developed by

Thomas Hwan, Lea Burrows and Karen Hal Hermansen

Language: Danish