IDA, Kalvebod Brygge


4/5 2023, at 10.30-17.15



The Digital Divide

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Art Hub Copenhagen

Attention, Algorithms and Social Justice

What are the ethical, social, political and environmental implications of our pervasive use of algorithms? What are the entanglements between the production of algorithms and social (in)justice?

To explore these questions, Art Hub Copenhagen is organizing a symposium in partnership with IDA and TOASTER, in the context of the “Attention, Algorithms and Social Justice” project.

ABOUT THE DIGITAL DIVIDE: Attention, Algorithms and Social Justice

As screen-based, networked digital technologies are seemingly a precondition for participation in contemporary everyday life, algorithms have become highly agentic semi-presences that massage our psyches, subjectivities and social systems.

This symposium in three parts pushes algorithms into plain sight and considers their production and use as political acts, raising questions about claims to infrastructural neutrality, and highlighting programmed bias and resulting social injustice.

Through analyses and artistic dramatisations of algorithmic logic, the symposium asks how we can take back attention, and be attentive differently: How do we protect and develop our capacity to imagine a future and work towards it, by creating spaces for thinking and doing – to act not react? How can artists and artistic thinking contribute? How to de-centre algorithms?

The symposium aims at exploring these questions through a program organised into three sections: “Breaking Open the Black Box”, “We Click Alone” and “CyberPower and Counterpower”.

See the programme for the symposium here.

Language: the symposium will be in English.



You can either attend physically or watch a livestream of the symposium.

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