The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts & Husets Teater


7/3 & 8/3 2024


Workshop & performance

Workshop with Jäger Ooms

Experience the work "Ambient Theater Fury" by Jäger Ooms and gain insight into their artistic choices, expressions and working methods in this 3-hour workshop.

Ambient Theater Fury by Jäger Ooms focuses on the discomfort of human encounters online due to physical absence. Digitization creates a very high level of pseudo-activity in subjects, and Jäger Ooms goes all out and puts the discomfort on display in a performance without real meetings or dialogue.

The workshop starts with seven existential questions that not only explore Jäger Ooms’ working method and expression, but also invite you to reflect on your own creative processes:

  • Which methods do you use in your work?
  • How do you come up with ideas for projects?
  • What kind of experiments do you do in your process?
  • How do you generate material?
  • What inspires your work?
  • How do you decide what material to use from your experiments?
  • What criteria do you use to select your material?


Anna Franziska Jäger (1996) and Nathan Ooms (1996) both received their Masters in Drama from the KASK School of Arts in Ghent, Belgium in 2020. Together they received the Mathilde Horlait-Dapsens prize for Jäger’s graduation project ‘Bartlebabe’ (2020), which was performed together with Nathan Ooms, and in addition they have together created the performances ‘As a matter of fiction’ (2018), ‘Some Things Last A Long Time’ (2019) and ‘Ambient Theatre Fury’ (2022).

Jäger has appeared in several films and has also been on stage in performances by e.g. Michiel Vandevelde.

Ooms was on exchange at the Academy for Theatre and Dance in Amsterdam, where he was an intern with choreographer Ula Sickle, and has also followed a Master’s program in choreography from the STUDIOS programme from P.A.R.T.S. in Brussels



Participants in the workshop will be a mix of professional performing artists in all disciplines who are interested in performance, as well as students from the Academy of Arts and Theater and Performance Studies at the University of Copenhagen respectively.


Performances at Toaster/Husets Teater, Thursday 7th of March at 8 p.m
Workshop at the Art Academy, Friday 8th of March at 10 a.m -1 p.m


DKK 60. The price is incl. workshop participation and access to two performances at Toaster/Husets Teater. 

You register by applying for a place at the bottom of this page. When your place is confirmed, you will receive an email with a payment link. If you have an Annual Pass to Husets Teater, it is free to participate, but you must still register via the application portal at the bottom of this page. In addition, please send an e-mail to Stine Marcher at stma@scenekunstskolen.dk with a message that you are a season ticket holder.