Den Frie


31/5-13/8 2023


Performance, installation

Aqua Drama


AMBRA - curated by South into North

In a mixture of video, sculpture and performance, the Californian Mojave Desert meets rain-filled Copenhagen, when a traveling theater from a dry science-fiction desert world penetrates through installed video screens from their own dimension and into ours. While their stage is being built, a water carrier steals water from Copenhagen’s canals and lakes which is transported to the Free Exhibition Building and further through the screens back to their dry world.

Inspired by the grandiose theater tradition of the Baroque – where naval battles and myths were staged on large water stages to glorify the economic profits of those in power – the theater performs their own Aqua Drama: an opera in progress about water as a liquid symbol of power.

The performance/exhibition is curated by South Into North (Francesca Astesani and Julia Rodrigues) in collaboration with Den Frie.

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