Kunstteater/Mathias Dyhr


Den Frie, Minus 2


11.02-24.04, 2022


Performance Installation



Kunstteater [Art Theater] is a collaborative community for aesthetic productions at the intersection between visual art and theater. With Gøglerne, Kunstteater presents a serial exhibition and performance that is their most ambitious project to date. In the exhibition Gøglerne, we are drawn into the tale of a group of circus performers in the form of temporary narrative performances, their costumes, homes and tools, all of which take on the character of sculpture and installation. Over the course of 10 weeks, the performers will take on their roles in a dramatic narrative that unfolds in an ever-changing exhibition space. As the series and plot progress, we follow the performers’ balancing act between art and crime, dream and disillusionment.

The exhibition and performances are housed in Den Frie Centre of Contemporary Art’s underground exhibition space, Minus 2, and on the street. There will be open rehearsals along the way, leading up to each episode, and various performances in the public space. All the while, the installation can be experienced independently, even when there are no performances underway. The serial exhibition and performances will also be filmed. This footage will eventually become documentation and function independently as a film.





Kunstteater/Mathias Dyhr